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Welcome to Achalananda Ashramam
Swami Achalananda is a direct disciple of a great master who used to be a devotee of Lord Krishna. Swamiji is a spiritual master and also the founder of Achalananda Ashramam, which is a remarkable place in the quiet town of Vinukonda, Vinukonda Mandal, Guntur District, AP, India. All, irrespective of their caste, creed, faith or religious belongingness, are welcome to the Ashramam.

Landing into the ashramam, one finds oneself in a serene and tranquil atmosphere, being pervaded with Vedic chantings transporting the hearer to an unknown land of utter bliss- a feeling of joyous enchantment and rejuvenation.

Swamiji has the blessings of Lord Krishna and is guided by that Divine Spirit in his healing work. Swami Achalananda, when not busy with satsangas, teachings and healing, spends his time in meditation. His teachings enable his disciples to learn to lead a holistic life- health, spirituality, love and compassion. His message emphasizes the need to realize that an unconditional love is the most powerful energy. We are the embodiment of love, he says.

He is a great teacher of Jnana Yoga and gives an enlightened understanding of the secrets of spiritual life.

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